Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today is our 12th wedding anniversary so for anyone that has lost or didn't receive an invitation, here is another. For those of you that still proudly display this on your fridge. THANK YOU!

Boy how time flies. 12 years later and I am more in love today than on the day we were married. I wouldn't change a thing.


On a side note, what I wouldn't give to fit into those jeans today. The hair, true Lehi hair, how I miss it. About Brandon's mustache, it was 1996, everyone had a mustache in 1996. I still love the matching shirts, just ask my boys (it is in case someone gets kidnapped, we can tell the police "they look just like this only smaller/bigger or in this great picture male/female")

So, here's to 12 more great years. 2020! In 2020, we won't have to take the kids with us to JCW's for our very romantic anniversary dinner. Our daughter will be a senior in high school, Bridger better be at college, Bronson will still be entertaining us with his "Wild Mike" impersonations and getting ready to get his drivers license and the Prince will be 12!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BRANDON! ( so if you see us today and we are smiling it is because we are so so in love, or I just made a really funny joke, either one)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Get comfy, I was tagged like a week ago and I finally got my slacker self geared up to respond.

1o years ago I...
1-Just closed down the 3 Sno Shacks I bought and operated that summer
2-Was driving a 68 Chevy longhorn truck (Brandon convinced me it was a classic)
3-Was celebrating my 2 year wedding anniversary
4-Thought I knew everything.....HA!
5-Cutting hair at Fantastic Sam's, my favorite job no really,I loved it

5 things on my "to do" list today...
1-can peaches, SO SO DOMESTICATED!
2-Go to bank.
3-laundry, wash, dry, and here's the deal breaker...PUT IT AWAY!
4-Make dinner
(I kept my day pretty carefree so that I could save my energy for BUNCO, don't be a hater)

5 Snacks that I enjoy...
1-mini vanilla wafers, the colored ones
2-ice water
4-popcorn from the movie theatre with extra grease, ERRR I mean butter
5-chocolate covered tootsie rolls

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...
1-build a new house
2-have my car professionally detailed
3-save for the kids college
5-buy my husband a farm

5 places I have lived...
1-Pleasant Grove, Ut
2-American Fork, Ut
3-Lehi, Ut
4-Sugarhouse, Ut
5-Lehi, UT

5 jobs I have had...
1-K mart
2-Zions bank
3-Utah Truck Systems
5-Sno Shack

I tag...

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Invite

So I may have said Monday, I really meant maybe Thursday. Here is the wedding invite of the summer. I call it the invite of the summer because this years invites have all been very tasteful, very cute engagement pictures nice looking couples. Classy invitations that Oakley and I have been scrap booking (ideas for when she gets married in 20 years!)
Then we get the mail. I should have been sitting down, it was from Brandon's side of the family. His aunt and uncle are actually very very nice. Their kids are weirdos all 14 of them Crazy Crazy Crazy. Anywho, the invite is homemade. It is really cute, I am not into this kind of stuff, but with 14 kids I am sure that you have to get creative (mac and cheese w/lil smokies creative) Here is the outside:

Then you open it up. still looks okay,The soon to be bride looks great, she is smiling, she is kind of doing the choke hold, I am not really a fan of this pose(it was the same pose I had to do during the ceremony part of our wedding, talk about a forearm bruiser). The address and registry card is over the grooms face...For a reason:
Then you MOVE the registry/address card. I did a little full body shudder when I seen the picture (I am a big body so you can imagine the full body shudder!), Go ahead, do a little shudder yourself, I'll wait.
The first thing I thought was, "I didn't know that she did an intern with the carnival this summer", or "there really is a Wolf man" A sister that looked at this thought that he may be practicing for the part of Frankenstein at the "Special" school where he attends.
Picture aside, they are registered at Smith and Edwards (the country boy store and so much more) and Wal Mart (I shouldn't have to explain this one). I was a little mortified that they were announcing both these registries until Brandon told me that if we lived up north and were getting married that he would probably be registered at Smith and Edwards also. This is a whole other post in itself. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

DISCLAIMER: I am sure that he is a very nice person, (when he is working at the carni, or has had his medicine or there is not a full moon) and I wish them all the happiness in the world. I guess I am now off to the devils warehouse to get the new couple a gift card. I am sure that if we lived up north I would be going to the "country boys store" I am really so lucky.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I am NOT a loser!

Today was such a great day! I WON! I REALLY WON! It wasn't some rigged winning like in the past. Brandon didn't have to pay anyone money to call my # in a bingo game, he didn't have to let the judges know ahead of time that I needed to win something or I may break one of their necks, he didn't have to tell my Bunco group I had better win or I was going to be bringing my kids, nothing like that. I won fair and square! Although it wasn't Wheel of Fortune (my lifelong goal) it was a very close 2nd.

My friend Amy has a blog all about healthy Super healthy kids check it out. It is all about preparing and serving healthy snacks and getting your kids to eat better. She had a drawing and I won. I won a box of pistachios. The Everybody's Nuts California pistachios. I know it wasn't a car, or $25,000 in some bonus round or a stuffed animal from the carnival, but this was just a big.

Her blog has been pretty eye opening for me. Like for instance, I didn't realize that serving your kids a bowl of Doritos and a glass of milk for breakfast was so bad. I always passed it off as a kind of "Doritos Cereal" not yet invented, or that if you are going to make your kids oatmeal it is probably not a good idea to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in as a substitute for milk (when we are out of milk, try it. DELICIOUS!) and so many more things that I was doing, not really wrong, just not really right in the preparing healthy food area.

So to you Amy I say thanks. I am super excited to savor the pistachios and to you reading this, check out Amy's blog and also check out her plate. She has been on Channel 5's Studio Five and Big Idea with Donny Duetsch, and also was a feature in the Utah Valley Magazine.
All I can say is that I have been feeling like a winner all day thanks to Amy, and I have been waiting by the phone for Pat Sajak to call. I'll keep you posted.

Glue Sticks

FYI when your second graders teacher asks for glue sticks she means these...

Not these.

Bridger has a new "fresh" 22 year old teacher so when she sent home the wish list of school supplies she needed I just assumed that she was a super awesome teacher that uses a glue gun with 25 kids hanging off her. Even while we were at the Devils Warehouse Bridger kept saying "Mom, I need some glue sticks" I kept replying "I know, I know stop telling me what to get." It was not until 4:45 in the morning that I woke up and thought "What the crap is a 2nd grade teacher needing all the glue sticks (for a glue gun) for? Then it hit me like a ton of glue sticks...SHE DOESN'T BRAINIACK!

When I explained to the lady back at Devils Warehouse, why I was returning them, she even said "Why would a teacher be using a glue gun around the little kids?" That lady is smart I thought, thus the prestigious job at Devils Warehouse returning crap from moms whose brains are so fried they can't think straight.