Tuesday, November 4, 2008


That's right, I like the Maverick, (they do have the best Dr. pepper and the Redbox nobody knows about!) and I like the winking,I know they are winking at me and the stiff Frankenstein 2 arm wave. I also like the cute up do and the glasses look. I am pretty sure that, and the shooting your friends while hunting is the look of a true Vice President. So Yea, I did get up and vote at 7am this morning. It may not change anything other than the fact that I can complain for the next 4 years. You know the saying "you don't vote, you don't complain" I have a sick (not the good teenager sick=cool) feeling I may be complaining A LOT over the next 4 years.

If you buy your wife new carpet...

If you liked "IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE" you will really enjoy the new "IF YOU BUY YOUR WIFE NEW CARPET"
If you buy your wife some carpet, she's going to ask for wood plantation shutters.
When you get her the plantation shutters she'll probably ask for wood flooring in the dining room.
When that's finished she'll ask for a new kitchen table and chairs,
then she'll want to look in the kitchen and make sure that doesn't look like crap.
When she looks in the kitchen she'll notice it does look crappy
She's going to need that redone.
she'll then notice she needs an attached garage off the kitchen.
So she'll probably ask for an attached garage.
When your finished with the attached garage she'll want a new car to go in the garage.
when that's done she'll want to take the new car on a ride.
you'll have to pack the kids and go over night somewhere.
when she's sitting at the nice hotel pool she'll remember she's had 4 kids and she'll need a tummy tuck and a front end alignment
After the body ramifications she'll need to shop for new clothes
While shopping she will also have to buy you new clothes
while putting her new clothes away she think she needs a bigger closet
After you build her a bigger closet she'll want a master bathroom
when she's in the master bathtub she'll need a nanny to watch the 4 kids
while the nanny is with the 4 kids she'll want to get a job.
when she gets home from the job and walks into the front room she'll see the carpet and remember that she needs new carpet.