Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We made it!

We survived the Christmas festivities!!!
We survived the school singing program, Brandon said he barely made it this year, only to be brought back by his kindergarten daughter "the entertainer"(the tall one in the front. I really didn't think she was that tall, they must have accidentally placed her on the vertically challenged row!) she sang with gusto, all the gusto that her brother (tall blond kid back row acting like his mom was sitting on that side of the lunchroom) didn't even bring to school that day! the same gusto he used to ignore me while I took pictures and video taped both his songs.

We survived the Night before Christmas or in our house known as THE LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!
We Survived Christmas day. We tried something new this year, the kids all got 1 present from Santa and $ from mom and dad that we went the day after and choose their own gift. I know it sounds crazy, but It was perfect. Both older kids even exclaimed "This is the best Christmas EVER" more than once on Christmas day, unheard of in the past! the day after thing even turned out better than I had braced myself for. Here are a few pictures of Christmas day...

We even took the kids to Thanksgiving point for New Years Eve, we were there with all the other parents on the verge of strangling their kids after the 2 week break from school.
Bronson's favorite part of the museum is washing and drying his hands. He'll play 10 minutes, wash and dry 25 minutes. And now with the kids back in school and on a routine we are really enjoying this time of year.