Saturday, August 28, 2010


I love going to the rodeo. We always go to the Lehi Rodeo and this year it was double the belt buckles and spurs because we went to the Oakley Rodeo. I have no pictures of the kids at the Lehi rodeo because my 2 year old put my camera in the toilet about 10 minutes before we walked out the door. So a week later we fixed the camera and headed off to the July 4th Oakley Rodeo!
I like to get to the rodeo early so we can people watch. At the Oakley rodeo where we were sitting we could watch some of the cowboys getting dressed! It was truly a show before the show. Unfortunately no pictures were taken. But we will reserve the same seats again next year. I did get these pics of my kids at my new favorite rodeo:

Notice Oakley's hat, yes she is named after the town Oakley.

The best part was my sister and her family and my parents came with us. My mom and dad came to the Oakley Rodeo 44 years ago on a date. So this was "just like old days" minus the 2 mouthy daughters and 5 grandkids sharing their licorice and blankets.


My sister Norma and her daughter Kat:

Me and Oakley:
Can't wait till next year!


Keeping with the summer of field trips we went to Gateway's Children's Museum. I was telling the kids what was there and when I got to the part of a newscaster desk Oakley was all over me wanting details, can she really see herself on T.V. and was there really a desk. I assured her it was just like channel 5. Well, the next morning we were getting ready to go and she insisted on wearing her Levi jacket, the same Levi jacket I couldn't pay her to wear 3 months ago. I was trying to remind her that it was going to be hotter than a pan of cookies, but she insisted. It then dawned on me that she was dressing the part of Nadine Wimmer from Channel 5! Sure enough we get there we are playing downstairs she's hot, I hold the jacket, we go upstairs, she needs the jacket back, FLASH she's lil' Nadine Wimmer, actually about the same size but anyway, owning the news desk reading the teleprompter like her paycheck depended on it. I wish the boys were as into it as she was it was hysterical. My sweet niece Madeline was so cute sitting by her. Bridger sat by her for a while but honestly, he's no Bruce Lyndsey.

Here is Oakley now the weather girl. I think she's saying "where's my jacket?"
Oakley had the best time at the museum There is a pretend store with a "sandwich shop" inside. She put on the apron and was all business. Here is cousin Jack and Bronson. she made them order a sandwich. I was kind of feeling sorry for the other kids at the museum. She was so serious that kids were ordering just to keep her busy. I was glad there was no soup kitchen, it was like the Seinfeld with the Soup Nazi.

Bronson "cruising" with the boys.

Bridger "Ride like the wind Bullseye!"

Pretty sure Brody had the best time at this water feature. It was cleaner than our bathroom and I wasn't "whisper yelling"(see previous post) at him to get out.

Summer Field Trips

Brandon started working a really great schedule this summer. The type of schedule that makes you take your 4 very loud kids and leave the house while he sleeps because you can only scream quietly for so many hours of the day. So we started going on field trips. We went to Kennecott it was a huge hole if you haven't been before, the kids thought it was great for the most part and Bronson thought the bus load of Chinese tourist were the best part. Oakley LOVED LOVED LOVED the gift shop/single wide trailer stuffed with overpriced crap and Bridger was pretty sure they weren't digging the mine right. I was just glad that it was windy and that Chinese people don't speak blunt 5 year old language.

Brody, wanted to climb the railing everytime he seen this sign.

Bridger getting Brody down from the ledge (I know how you feel Brody!)

Oakley our Super Model.