Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Disneyland #2

Okay, I get it, I get it! We went on a vacation and I only posted 1 picture and told you a little of what we did. So for EVERYONE that said, you should post that part, or "we want more pictures..." This is for you! Everyone who has said enough is enough about the "happiest place on earth" (unless your kids are with you) hang in there, this to shall pass!

If your driving through St. George and your going to stop, go to McDonald's. While the kids that can walk, play and you drink as much Coke as you can handle gearing up for the next 7 glorious hours this guy will "hold" your non walking kid! Brody even liked it. Brandon was a little mortified that it was McD's which = dirty place, but I assured him that for 9 am on a Sunday the place was no dirtier than our house, and this is how I would be holding him at 9am on a Sunday so he will be fine. (I of course would not have my hair like that, totally '70's!)

Oakley and her cousins showing off their drivers licenses. Oakley was a really good driver and did not like the fact that I was fake bawling that my "baby girl" was driving. I was practicing because she only has 10 years left until she's taking me for "a cold one"!

Cinderella, despite everything Bridger said, she really was a princess, She acted like she wanted to see us, gave both kids a hug and didn't mention my lumberjack arms once.

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Bronson was a little curious as to where Snow Whites little guys were? Who wasn't curious, heck I was looking for the Prince Charmings until Brandon reminded me that someone has to hold down a full time job to keep the lights on in this castle! and restock the 401 (k)!!

My mom in Minnie's house, I think she looks like Minnie's Visiting Teacher just a waiting to give the best most wonderful Disney message ever! My mom loves Minnie so she had a good time seeing her at her house. Oh No! the Bronson curse! It DOES NOT SKIP A GENERATION!! If your related to my mom then you love to not really "snoop", but just check out other people's refrigerators. Every grand kid on the Bronson side does this, so I was not shocked, just a little taken back that the kids all looked in Minnie's fridge. Don't worry, I ran right over and (looked myself) then made the kids close the fridge. We had a lot of fun.

Here is a picture of the cousins visiting Minnie and then here we are at Mickey's. Oakley thought it was weird that he was shorter than Minnie. Uh, she's wearing high heals you know!

The Prince practicing for the "World's Toughest Baby Contest". He's not crying, he's flexing really hard.
Okay I have to do a part 3! My kids are acting like I have been avoiding them or something? Yea, like I would do that!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


M I C...See, we haven't been there before so...K E Y... Why because we are the greatest parents this side of the Mississippi. M O U S E Mickey Mouse...Mickey Mouse... We even had a great time, despite our kids being there.
Bridger gets motion sick and he reminded us that this is all fake, you can't really ride on elephants, there is no Disney Princess, and It's a small world was just a tad to long for him (killjoy). He did enjoy the beach and the Lego store in Downtown Disney, Heck, who doesn't LOVE downtown Disney?
Oakley loved everything, she wasn't quite sure about seeing the fairy god mother, she was quick to point out that she really didn't have any wishes she needed to come true so we didn't need to get close to her. I wish that I would have got close to her, I would have loved to see if she could grant me my wish of being a size 10! Oakley also loved Downtown Disney and showed us how much at the Build A Bear Workhsop! (FYI they have some Disney only clothes and stuff for your bears, if your into that kind of thing, I would not recommend getting into that kind of thing if your not already, It is a Grandma place me and Brandon have decided, meaning that Grandmas buy $5 underwear for stuffed bears, moms do not!)
Bronson LOVED the hotel pool and the beach. we could set a clock to him because at 2 o'clock everyday he would say "Okay, we have been to Disneyland, Now Can WE Go To The Hotel and Go Swimming?" He also loved the beach and the train that goes around the outside of Disneyland. He could have swam at the hotel, rode that train all day, and still had a great time. Next time we'll leave him and Bridger at a hotel next to a train station.
Brody, he didn't care about anything. We did figure that after 9 hours in the car, he gets really really mad! We fixed it for 1 hour by feeding him a 1/2 bag of Cadbury Easter Eggs. We took one for the team and fed him those until he started screaming/bawling again. Then, what do parents of the year give their almost 1 year old? A 1/2 of a stick of gum!! Yea, and he CHEWED it for 20 glorious miles, his face was total disgust as he tried to figure out what we put into his mouth, oh well so he has a piece of gum in his stomach for 7 years, who gives a crap, he was quiet!
Brandon and I will definitely go back, just NOT with our kids. Until then, MIC See ya real soon, KEY, Why because I love you! MOUSE. MICKEY MOUSE...MICKEY MOUSE.