Monday, July 20, 2009

1st aid

Oakley, our "mosquito magnet" got a bad bite last week. I tried the cold rag on the head treatment, didn't work, drink a glass of milk and lay down treatment, still didn't work. I was going to have to get serious if I wanted the constant whining to go away. This dilemma combined with the GREAT SMITH'S sale on maxi pads last week led to some great 1st aid remedies.

First let me throw in the disclaimer "I AM NOT A DOCTOR" I am a MOM. A MOM that is sick of laundry and washing things covered in dermoplast, hydro cortisone cream and bug spray. Here is what you'll need to fix a "bad bite" and reduce yucky laundry items.

Step 1:Apply hydro cortisone cream to bite area

Step 2: carefully lay ALWAYS dri liner (or any other pad you have available) onto bite area, make sure it is STICKY SIDE UP!
Step 3: Using ace wrap, wrap bite site and secure ace wrap. Notice how a left a 1/2 " of the pad by the wrist,fold that down over the pad. This will ensure a comfortable fit, you do not want the wrap interfering with any future bike riding.
when Oakley asked what kind of band aid this was, I had to think a minute before naming it the "special pad wrap".

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dance Dance Fever

Oakley took dance at Dance Depot last year and she had her recital in May. She was more concerned about what flowers we were going to get her than she was about the dance recital.
Every time we went to Costco from November till May she would make sure and tell us that she was having a recital coming up and she would be needing some flowers. She did not disappoint at the recital and we did not disappoint when it came to the flowers.
I sure wish somebody would have told me it is like he!! to curl a 6 year olds hair while she is "practicing" her mad dance moves. It would have also been nice had I not thrown most of my make up away the week before this. I taught her the pinch your cheeks trick that I learned in 6th grade when I couldn't wear make up yet and luckily I found a tester mary kay lip gloss in the cupboard I got as a free sample years ago. I put on a little mascara and she was ready. She looked great and I looked like a hot sweaty mom that was glad she only had 1 daughter by the time we got the the recital.

Here she is in her tap outfit with the coveted flowers

We all made a big deal about what a great dancer she is and how proud we are of her (After the lecture that we WILL support each others hobbies and, crap we are in, and act like we like it, even if you HAVE to spend the night in the auditorium watching dancers. Admit you loved it Bridger!)

Here is the ballet costume which will also be making a repeat appearance in October as "the Halloween costume" She danced to Beauty and the Beast for Ballet and yes, the crown is put up somewhere really high until Halloween.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 months really?

I have noticed on your blogs that my blog has fallen to the bottom of the page, you know down into the "wishes they had something great to blog about but don't" category. I never really cared until I seen my name with a 3 months next to it. I haven't told you how great my life has been for 3 months!!
WOW! What have I been doing that is so important that I stopped blogging? Nothin' really nothin' unless your my kids...they would tell you I have been yelling and getting a 44oz drink 2x a day to soothe the sore throat from yelling all day.
I am now going to take the "slacker blogger oath" to blog more about my great family and my wonderful life, I will blog about it tomorrow, or for sure before 3 months.