Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CSI called

You read that correct, CSI the hit crime drama, they called and needed my living room carpet for a few gruesome death scenes in a 1/2 way house, seedy casino or maybe even a brothel, it was that bad.

My carpet was so hellicious (the exact opposite of delicious). It was flesh colored, middle of February flesh colored to make it even worse.

Well, 8 years and 4 kids later my living room, where no kidding, we live, was DISGUSTING. So when Brandon agreed that the Prince could not possibly learn to crawl on such filth, we sprang for some new carpet. While at the carpet store I had but 2 requests, 1-Make sure that the carpet was the color of spilt coca cola and 2- look and feel luxurious without spending the kids college fund.

Mission accomplished. The carpet was installed and looks great. While the spilled coke has not been tested, the look and feel is definitely luxurious.

So if you come to my house for a visit, I will no longer meet you outside on my porch, I will invite you in and let you check out my new carpet, I may even let you take your shoes off and walk on it. Pictures coming soon

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Birthday Bath

Bronson turned 4 Monday. This is what he wanted...

This is what he got...
Am I the best mom ever? Bronson wanted a John Deere riding lawnmower and a big barn, a real barn to park the lawn mower in. I let him have a nice long bubble bath. He quickly forgot all about the lawnmower and barn as soon as the bubbles started and he was busy washing the boats. You know the boats that stay in the tub, he is positive they are always dirty. I gave him a rag and he washed both boats for about 50 minutes. It was the best birthday bath ever! Before you call, we did go to Chuck E Cheese and I made cupcakes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Wild Mike" (from the movie Barnyard) he gave himself this nickname and it was pretty much dead on WE LOVE YOU!