Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 months really?

I have noticed on your blogs that my blog has fallen to the bottom of the page, you know down into the "wishes they had something great to blog about but don't" category. I never really cared until I seen my name with a 3 months next to it. I haven't told you how great my life has been for 3 months!!
WOW! What have I been doing that is so important that I stopped blogging? Nothin' really nothin' unless your my kids...they would tell you I have been yelling and getting a 44oz drink 2x a day to soothe the sore throat from yelling all day.
I am now going to take the "slacker blogger oath" to blog more about my great family and my wonderful life, I will blog about it tomorrow, or for sure before 3 months.


Tyler and Raelynn said...

SLACKER!! haha i check your blog everyday. and it was always the same. tisk tisk. Glad you updated.

Whitney said...

Oh good. I could use some laughs. Bring it on Doreen. Looking forward to the next post.

Bateman's Latest Kill said...

At least you have a good excuse of keeping the snow shack up and going so I could get through the end of my pregnancy with a cool treat.

Adam and Melisa said...

Oh good...I was really getting tired of reading about Disneyland over and over again just to hear myself laugh out loud!!!