Saturday, August 28, 2010


Keeping with the summer of field trips we went to Gateway's Children's Museum. I was telling the kids what was there and when I got to the part of a newscaster desk Oakley was all over me wanting details, can she really see herself on T.V. and was there really a desk. I assured her it was just like channel 5. Well, the next morning we were getting ready to go and she insisted on wearing her Levi jacket, the same Levi jacket I couldn't pay her to wear 3 months ago. I was trying to remind her that it was going to be hotter than a pan of cookies, but she insisted. It then dawned on me that she was dressing the part of Nadine Wimmer from Channel 5! Sure enough we get there we are playing downstairs she's hot, I hold the jacket, we go upstairs, she needs the jacket back, FLASH she's lil' Nadine Wimmer, actually about the same size but anyway, owning the news desk reading the teleprompter like her paycheck depended on it. I wish the boys were as into it as she was it was hysterical. My sweet niece Madeline was so cute sitting by her. Bridger sat by her for a while but honestly, he's no Bruce Lyndsey.

Here is Oakley now the weather girl. I think she's saying "where's my jacket?"
Oakley had the best time at the museum There is a pretend store with a "sandwich shop" inside. She put on the apron and was all business. Here is cousin Jack and Bronson. she made them order a sandwich. I was kind of feeling sorry for the other kids at the museum. She was so serious that kids were ordering just to keep her busy. I was glad there was no soup kitchen, it was like the Seinfeld with the Soup Nazi.

Bronson "cruising" with the boys.

Bridger "Ride like the wind Bullseye!"

Pretty sure Brody had the best time at this water feature. It was cleaner than our bathroom and I wasn't "whisper yelling"(see previous post) at him to get out.


Adam and Melisa said...

Sounds like Oakley will have a hard time choosing her career path!

Emily said...

Oooh, a fellow Sandwich Artist in the making. Oakley is wise to start so young. I remember when Subway made us cut down to three olives and sometimes I caved and gave them extra olives- Oakley will have the courage to stand up to pressure.