Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A picture to prove it...

We got invited (invited ourselves) to go camping with Brandon's brother and his family. It was a blast, now that we are home and all the laundry is washed and the trailer is cleaned out and nobody smells like OFF bug repellent OR campfire. The kids played in the stream, rode bikes, played games, played with cousins, played with the "camping barbies" (yes, they really do have "camping barbies", they are the barbies that you bring camping hoping that they will get lost out in the wilderness and be left, a kind of thinning the herd if you will). The kids had a blast. Brandon cut firewood (I call that work) and I lounged around between meals and watched the Prince grow.

What did I, mother of the year do for 4 days? I ATE, I ATE ALOT! I pretty much woke up and had a small bowl of cereal, not wanting to waste calories on breakfast and lunch, I ate sparingly for the daylight hours, so that I could eat at breakneck speeds from 6p.m.-till I fell asleep out of dutch oven food exhaustion. We ate alot of dutch oven cooking, actually I got all the ingredients put together and bossed Brandon around the campfire, telling him how to cook said dutch oven meals (I really don't like to smell like camp fire, so I only get close while A-roasting marshmallows or B-throwing a dirty plate into the fire, like chuckarama, you need to get a clean plate between helpings). I know that you want pictures, and here is the 1 and only 1 picture that we took the entire "memory making" weekend...

It is a picture of a relatives headstone that we may or may not be related to. Brandon has been wanting to check out the Fruitland cemetery, a very happening place by the way, and look for this headstone of this person that he thinks may be a relative. (A genealogy thing, I'll never understand.) As we pulled into the tiny cemetery, pulling our 5th wheel if you can imagine,

Brandon says "get the camera I want to take a picture of this headstone if I find it"
I reply, "No, you can't because I was to lazy to get the camera out of my purse and take pictures the entire camping trip and I don't want this to come back and haunt me."
He says "It will only haunt you if this headstone is the one that I really need and I don't get all the information right."
So I say," Okay, but maybe take a picture of the 3 stinky ornery, buggery kids running around this blankety blank cemetery."
He just laughs, I go back to reading my book...(The Choice by Nicholas Sparks and by the way it was really good) and after about 5 minutes everyone is piled back into the truck and we are going down the road,
I ask "did you get any pictures of the kids?"
He says "No, they were running around and I didn't want them in the picture with the headstone of the guy we may or may not be related to"
I say, "Great, we might as well have stayed home, now I feel guilty because I didn't get any pictures of the great weekend" (great because we are on our way home, it is like one of those trips that you don't realize is great until you are home, and then it gets better as the days go by and you realize your normal life is dull and the camping trip was super fabulous!)
So long story short, don't mention around us that your family is going camping for a long weekend (we may get ourselves invited, or you may feel compelled to invite us) and don't ask me to scrapbook anything that had to do with the 24th of July weekend, unless you want to see a headstone of the relative that Brandon may or may not be related to.
Keep your dutch ovens greased, Doreen.


Isaac Family said...

I love it. I totally know what you mean about the whole camping thing. I love camping, but going home is just so great when you're done. Miss ya!

Reed and Nat's Family said...

I am totally with you on campfire smell. I LOVE it when there are burn restrictions. Sounds like you had a fun time.

Whitney said...

LOL...thinning of the herd.

Glad you're back.

Emily said...

SO? I'm dying to hear...are you related?

R. Mansfield said...

I've created a link to this post in the "Experiences" section of our newest "Cast Iron Around the Web" entry at http://www.cookingincastiron.com